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In-app Payment Details

Earning is the most important part of the agent’s side. In our Notary Mobility app, agents can know the status of their earnings through the app itself.

Instant Alert on Signing Requests

Signing requests are received on the agent’s app in an instant when using send. The agents can accept/reject the signing request with a single tap.

Go Online/Offline Status

Online/Offline status can be easily managed by agents with a single click. Agents will get ride requests only if they are online.

Multiple Car Category

An agent can accept signings from all users irrespective of the car category (if he is opted for). This way, he could get multiple signings.

Agent Dashboard

In the dashboard itself, the agents are able to see the last trip details, today tips, today earnings, his ratings, car type, number, etc.

Bank Account Can Be Added

Agents can update their bank account details on Notary Mobility App itself, where the admin can transfer agent earnings using that bank account details.

car on the road